What are Exosomes? What do Exosomes do When Combined with Microneedling?

What are Exosomes? What do Exosomes do When Combined with Microneedling?

Exosomes are, without a doubt, the next big thing in the world of luxury skincare and beauty. We’ve all heard of the power of stem cells when combined with quality skincare, but exosomes take it to the next level. Actually, more like 100 levels since they’re proven to be over 100x stronger than any other stem cells currently available on the market (as of June 2023). 


Exosomes are the most effective way to rejuvenate skin, reduce wrinkles, reduce discoloration, diminish acne scars, shrink pores, and reverse the effects of sun damage. They’re more effective than a vampire facial (PRP or Growth Factor) and have powerful, lasting effects on your skin. 


Microneedling, a process where microneedles stimulate collagen and elastin production while delivering the chosen active ingredients beneath the surface of skin. The skin then repairs and regenerates wherever these microneedles were placed. Plus the downtime and pain are minimal. Most people are able to be back in action within an hour as redness from the procedure fades. 


So what’s Smart have to say about exosomes with microneedling? Our exosomes are shipped and kept freshly frozen to ensure the highest amount of effectiveness. Compared to any shelf stable growth factor products, the results are incredible and lasting. Most clients opt for three sessions of microneedling with exosomes, but results are usually visible after one treatment. Exosomes can be sourced from many types of cells in the body, and Smart has scoured the market to find the most potent exosomes available. Ours are from ethically sourced placental cells which encourages more collagen than exosomes sourced from adult cells. 


Exosomes have been hailed as a regenerative force in skin rejuvenation and the results of microneedling with exosomes are undeniable. To learn more visit Smart’s website and scroll to the microneedling section or use the contact form to schedule a free consultation/information session with one of our Licensed Medical Estheticians.
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