The Many Skin Benefits of Deep Chemical Peels

The Many Skin Benefits of Deep Chemical Peels

So what are chemical peels and what do they do for your skin? 

There are three types of chemical peels - light, medium, and deep. In this blog we will focus on the benefits and healing process of these chemical peels.

Light chemical peels are great because you can get back out there with almost no down time. Medium peels may have some significant redness and skin takes 4-6 weeks to fully stabilize. Deep chemical peels can cause peeling, swelling, and discomfort for about 2 weeks and skin should fully stabilize by three months at most. Each of these peels has different levels of effectiveness which relate directly to the healing process. 

Chemical peels have many effects that you can notice right away - dead skin is removed and your skin may feel tight and even have some redness. This will fade away and you’ll be left with skin that is brighter and more even. Overtime, collagen and elastin production will increase leaving skin plumper and fuller. You can also see reduced skins of acne, pigmentation, and fine lines/wrinkles. 

Chemical peels are an excellent way to treat your skin, and many people find that deeper peels in the autumn are the best way to make healing quicker and easier. Fall is the perfect time to give your skin the love it needs to be looking its best for the holiday season and beyond. 

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