Got Acne, Blackheads, and Pimples? Let’s Talk Acne

Got Acne, Blackheads, and Pimples? Let’s Talk Acne

Whether you are a teenager or a grown adult, we all suffer with acne from time to time. While it feels good to “scrub” it away by overdoing it with your skincare products like gritty exfoliants, washcloths or picking, these all actually make acne way worse. This process creates a vicious cycle of your skin trying to repair itself from the harsh damage you created by being so aggressive. Your body will send more oil to soothe and repair the damage created by micro-tears of overworking the skin. These oils act like “spackle” and trap the bacteria which in turn creates more breakouts. Scrubbing it away just became scrubbing it in - not good!!

The best way to deal with acne is actually quite gentle and does not include aggressive or harsh scrubbing, rubbing or picking. This way we are working to dry up existing blemishes, while making sure not to create secondary breakouts. 

Our extensive acne line can treat your breakouts as they occur and in many cases even prevent future ones. We even have a bundle available if you’d like to get everything in one easy package.

As always, we offer free consultations with our experienced medical aestheticians to help you get your acne under control and these are available virtually so you don’t have to visit the studio if you aren’t local. 

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